Heavy Rain

by Mag

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The Heavy Rain EP

A self-produced, 6 track EP consisting of production and Vocals from Mag

I have been working on this short project since around August 2015, with it all beginning with the song "Heavy Rain". To me, Heavy Rain is about the addictive, constant flood of information you get from social media, and how it creates isolation, yet in that sea of knowledge, there are those merely willing to just enjoy themselves and meet new people. I have met amazing people through Facebook, 2 of which are featured on this album, and i want to thank them with that and wish the best for them in the future. I also wanted to say thanks to my older brother, Izaak aka Brandito, he put me on to music in the first place and is easily one of my biggest influences to this date, and lastly Sosu, who's been one of my best critics and best friends for the past 7 years.

Thank you for listening.

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released February 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Mag Bristol, UK

English Artist



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Track Name: Heavy Rain Ft. Sug4rb4by
Im up in my room
im writing for tunes
im putting in work
making sure i get up on the move

but its feeling the same
like it never will change
40 days and im still feeling that


and its like that
dry yourself out and get right back
get back on the road
do what you do gotta find cash
i be recording on my tracks

im feeling alone
sitting at home
looking at both of my phones
nowhere to go
i was stuck in my zone

he was stuck in his thoughts
he couldnt go any longer he had forgot what he sought
maybe a woman or something or sorts he

got a girl in copenhagen
plus one in the states she's an asian
but still i cant find a main bitch
is it because i can't hold conversation

i got shawties around the globe
no gf around at home
he's otaku in the flesh
call him josip on the deck

hes getting back on track
hes getting back to his raps
but for now he aint looking at stacks

he's working
his mindset is that of an athletes
can't flex til his body is hurting
it's like he's a different person

different people getting to know me
solely killing with homies
show me
are you keeping it lowkey


i was still here,
dying here
i aint been back in

you should hold me
hold me

Track Name: Late Night Ride
real trap sound/
late night ride/
come with me take a flight/

Late night ride/
Talkin to this lady on the sly/
If it's not important take a right like/

Strolling through the moonlight/
And I'm here without you/
How could I ever doubt you/

Late night ride/
Take your time/
These other rappers Tryna take my shine/
I'm Tryna just make a grind/

For now I'm just Tryna spend the night/
I'm just Tryna ask if that's alright/

From the party I am on my way home/
I was up in my zone /
So now I must atone/
and I'm thinking bout you/

I been busy I ain't seen you lately/
I been working I been regulating/

Up on my plate/
Not enough food/
nothin for you/

That's why I'm working so I can serve for two/

Hop out the whip/
Check the view/

I think that I am bless with you/
Track Name: Flex (Hit a Lick) Ft. Vic August
Hold it down hold it down
let it come around
they just want it easy
he just want it now

nothing quite like easy money
people dreaming out
i respect the hustle
as soon as you believe me now

let me grow upon my goals
bringin in my team
They used to ignore me
sleeping when i sing

now i am the man making what i can
kinda hard to get them p's even with 3 eyes

not gonna lie i do like my levi's
95's in my free time
i don't know about these guys
but i clocked their style is in decline

too many man looking to pop a xan
they lifestyle living reprise
they clones
thinking that they sounding like bones
go smoke stones and demise

sly stones, chick cor(ea)
type of music i came for
type of music that wage war
im the guy yeah that came forth

im the one yeah that blade runs
got the bars that they say stung
aint on the block tryna make funds
work for the day when that pay come

Hit a lick go woaah
hit a lick, go woah

I just wanna come up real nice


i just caught an uber now im rollin
bands on my side i keep it stowed there
pulled up to the function like i know there (i don't)
i just hit the stage and make it blow there

Gang and the youngin we go together
i dont be kissing my bitches in public
like no lil bitch we dont go together

i dont be stressing bout shit they say about me
cos i know imma go forever
im here for the money, the pussy, the clothes and the jewellery
For boy that's a goal forever

treat the gucci like a shogun leather
Think you winnin I can show you better
we be working in the basement
With the phone calls and the spoken letters

n*gga know that we the go-getters
working every day they wont forget us
dive in that bitch like a muhfuckin ocean
i swear to god that i can stroke forever
Track Name: Loud Like a Skunk Ft. Brandito

I got the loud like a skunk/
twistin' trees and sippin hennessey we crunk/
whole team breakin trees off by the trunk/
Bumpin' [magunas] in the trunk/


whole team off a benzo/
i was posted in the bando with Lorenzo/
smokin' crem de la crem with my friends tho/
do you understand comprende ? comprendo/

pop a wheelie then i endo/
i smoked that blunt down to the endo/
it's grimey in the bits check the tempo/
i grind for my chips in my trenchcoat/


I got the loud like a skunk/
twistin' trees and sippin hennessey we crunk/
whole team breakin trees off by the trunk/
Bumpin' [magunas] in the trunk/


(turn it up)
young bro in the cut/
aint rollin a blunt/
these hopeless hoes see i aint showin em love/

fuck with the clique you aint rollin with us/
we take the whip you go home on the bus/
we hittin licks, we just kids in the bits/
and thats all thats known to us/

(thats all we know)
its mag/
they got the skunk in the bag/
he got a plan to attack/
run in the trap and hes rugged in black/

fuckin with hoes aint fuckin with that/ (no no)
fuckin with hoes aint fuckin with that/
doin work on the mac/
doin dirt of my track/

Track Name: Grey Overcast
Walking through a garden in the afterlife
trying to remember how i died
it's a fuzzy memory and it doesn't seem to stick with me
but 1 thing that i remember was a knife

i swear that it all happened in a flash
strolling through eden so it doesn't really matter what i think
i swear that it all happened in a blink
i could tell my life was getting to its end
its closer to the brink

but thats all in the past im at peace with myself
95's on my feet like im evil myself
i would keep to myself
i would sit at home rhyme and make beats by myself

i spent many nights waiting on my own
waiting for what, who knows

maybe i was waiting for a sign
needed to give myself a lot of time
to reflect upon my life

so i escaped into isolation and im thinking about those times
that i spent with love ones
thats one love

or is it one time 4 your mind
do you find that
when you try fight for life
no one stops, looks or thinks twice

no one thinks about assist
i'm all alone in this

im all alone in this traphouse

and i can't sleep