by Mag

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imma come through i be running it
she wanna come and just tug on it
strokin im strokin she loving it
after im done i be rubbin it rubbin

she tell me maggy you up next
to her face i be loving it
gotta stay humbling
those are the words that my momma said

(mumma say)

mumma say knock you out
by any means gotta block your doubt
my enemies should've stopped me then
quick ting pass me a pen
now im gonna lock you out

aint gotta shout but
check me out through the lens
i dont wanna have to say it again

i aint messing with no bozos
slow motion got the bros low
mad potent on the wrote ones

lickle brother wanna go home
many people dont want no fun
you can live life without no funds
you aint just restricted to tote guns

nah i aint tryna be hood rich
tryna fill the void with goodness
positivity im used to this
word to Lsow on a cruise, the ship

wishing wishing you would understand
i aint all here


my life a movie scene - i press play
catties hit my snapchat - i press play
she wan play with my curls - i want braids
she gon bring her girls - come that way

mm yeah
mandem saltyy cos they aint bro mm
cop the xanny for the low low mm
yeah posted with the cholos
posted with the 44
posted in your TL, took only ocho

to make her go go ah yeah
Molly in my system hoes wanna listen
molly on my dick

stole your girls soul, eternity on my dick
look at my wrist - so much ice i broke it
prescription drink same colour as her lips
i'm a demon, 1 feature i burn this

yeah oo
passing your girl straight to mag all brand new
sofa stained with pussy juice
smoke a burn who is your mans begging twos

maggy put holes in your marge if you snooze
i bet diablo make it doom
3 bells on creps lookin nice
you owe 3 bells on your loan


released March 3, 2017
Production by Mag
Vocals by Mag and DIABLOxNOS



all rights reserved


Mag Bristol, UK

English Artist



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