See Me Ft. Ghostie

by Mag

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Just reached 50k on soundcloud, thank you for listening!



Take my time just to really get through this
my life what the fuck it's so stupid
these dreams that i hava are so lucid
life sucks that's a fact conclusive

there are times where i only feel brain dead
you want to see scary? take a look at my head
i don't listen to wrath if you come for my bread
oh no hell no that's what life said

i always supress my head
just to make it past a day
it's too late for the ghost to be sad
take me as a joke but i don't play

don't touch me ohh you ain't my mans
i used to be rapping in dark like no batman
shout out my niggas yeah we got a game plan
you know me Ghostie, Anti-world and Weirdclvn


Weirdo, see me
she didn't wanna come near me
cannot change the fact im eerie
the saw the smile they call me creepy

cannot change the fact i'm anti
pretty sure that i got gang ties
glad i never seen my mans die
finna blow up on a land mine

before you run you gotta take steps
run in dirt for them paychecks
tryna budget tryna pay less
life is hard it doesnt make sense

life is hard it doesnt make sense
believe me, i dont think you really
wanna come near me


take my time to get through this
always feeling im useless
how on Earth can i do this
keep it loose yeah i'm moving

ain't no money in this why choose it
if you wanna do it be prepared to lose i
i took a risk and i made it back
got a stack and i played it cool but

current work it is makeshift
run in dirt for them pay slips
stay consistent i make hits
so many nights on them grave shifts

sometimes you gotta take trips
i do not care where that pain is
you talk showerman dawg you a rain drop
too many people wanna take piss

i'm rated, i'm famous
that doesn't mean a thing from pagans
aiming, slaying
you ain't getting real rates from basics

you smoke on the gel no asics
might pop off to hell for hatred
i lock off and shell those stages
without they gold chain they naked

trap, trap, trap
that's all they talking about
ain't no action try talking it out
not one for violence i'm talking it out
but push me enough and i'm sorting it out

sorting it out sorting it out
you lame
distorting the sounds that i make
i ain't take away all that pain
but i'm saying i can share a load of that strain

straining, pain is
slowly, gaining
she say, paint me
i say, rape me

yeah i, hate me
but slowly, show me
where my, homies
drinking, codiene

life is so short
whats diamonds and jewels
sex life is porn bro
i'm tired of my sort

my type are the worst
what on earth is a verse
you might see me in a hearse cos
i'm killing all who talk dirt


released April 29, 2017
Vocals Written, Performed and Mixed by Mag and Ghostie
Produced and Mastered by Mag
Art Direction by Mag
Photograph taken at JPL-Caltech (Nasa)



all rights reserved


Mag Bristol, UK

English Artist



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